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  • Veterinary clinical application and incompatibility of tylosin(Part 1)

    1、 Overview of tylosin Tylosin, also known as tyronin and tylosin, is a macrolide antibiotic obtained from the culture medium of Streptomyces fradiae in the United States in 1959. Tylosin is a white plate crystal, slightly soluble in water and alkaline. Products include tartrate, phosphate, hydr...
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  • The effect of Sulfamonomethoxine Sodium and its incompatibility

    Sulfamonomethoxine sodium is a kind of sulfonamides, which is common in early veterinary medicine. It is a synthetic anti infective drug and plays a key role in the treatment of various diseases. Need to use a reasonable mix of drugs, the following is to introduce the ro...
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  • Calculation method of dosage of drinking water in pig farm

    Calculation method of dosage of drinking water in pig farm

    Because the mixture needs to be used and used, it also takes up the manpower and material resources. Drinking water is more labor-saving. Although the drinking water dosing can not ensure that each pig can get accurate dosage, it is necessary to make the most of the pigs...
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  • Knowledge of Veterinary Medicine – What is the best time to use Carbasalate Calcium

    Knowledge of Veterinary Medicine – What is the best time to use Carbasalate Calcium

    Most farmers know that Carbasalate Calcium is used to reduce fever, but it seems that other functions are ignored except for reducing fever. When it is used on the breeding site, it is not very clear. Technicians use it when they let it go. Sometimes they use it when the...
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  • Antibacterial Drugs(Antibacterial and Bactericides), how to use the effect will be good?

    In veterinary drugs, antibacterial drugs are the largest category. According to the chemical structure, there are penicillins, cephalosporins, macrolides, polypeptides, sulfonamides, fluoroquinolones and so on. According to the characteristics of antibacterials, the thirteen categories of antibac...
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  • Clinical Pharmacological Effect for Tilmicosin、Florfenicol and Doxycycline

    Three respiratory diseases drugs in poultry. Among many drugs for prevention and treatment of poultry respiratory diseases, florfenicol of amide alcohol, doxycycline of tetracycline and tilmicosin of macrolide are called “three major respiratory drugs” for prevention and treatment of ...
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  • The difference between Cefquinome Sulphate、Ceftiofur Crystal、Ceftiofur HCl and Ceftiofur Sodium

    Cephalosporin antimicrobial drugs, which are more effective in the clinical use of veterinary treatment, are now more and more widely used in the livestock and poultry industry.From their drug molecular structure, all the cephalosporin drug molecules contain the structure of cephem, so they belon...
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  • Why there so many differences in the use of same tilmicosin products?

    In livestock and poultry breeding, African swine fever brings continuous challenges to the healthy development of breeding, so far the pig breeding industry has not come out of this haze.Bird flu came, the chicken died of the clank, this batch of chicken breeding income not only did not land, eve...
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  • Clinical Application of Tilmicosin

    Because tilmicosin has a good effect on a variety of respiratory pathogens, it has been widely used in the prevention and control of poultry respiratory diseases, but there are still some misunderstandings in clinical use. Tilmicosin is sensitive to most of the pathogens in the respiratory system...
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  • Antibacterial Activity of Tilmicosin

    Jiangsu Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Vocational and Technical College, were measured in vitro by double dilution method for m star outside of chicken blood loss mycoplasma test in vitro minimum bacteriostatic concentration (MIC), and with the controlled drugs of erythromycin, doxycycline, tylo...
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  • Mechanism of Action for Tilmicosin

    01. Inhibit bacterial protein synthesis By binding with the pathogen 5OS ribosome subunit reversibility, tilmicosin inhibits the activity of the translocation enzyme, affects the ribosome displacement process, hinders the extension of the peptide chain and protein synthesis, and plays a bacterici...
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  • The Present Situation of Tilmicosin

    Tilmicosin(108050-54-0), also called Tilmicosin base,  is a kind of macrolide special antibiotic for livestock and poultry, which is semi-synthesized by tylenectin. There are three forms of trans-isomer, cis-isomer and cis-8-differential isomer. The main antibacterial agent is surplus isomer. I...
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