On the morning of April 14th, 2018, our company organized all employees to learn enterprise culture training, after two and a half hours study, we benefited and gained a lot. Jiulong company is both a school and a family. As an employee, we can improve our professional skills and comprehensive quality through learning which always hold in our factory, also we can get the warmth of our leaders and colleagues as family members.

When we come to work for the company, we all hope to realize the value of ourselves through our own struggles, and achieve a fair return;such returns are not only merely physical, but also spiritual. Jiulong adhering to the “people-oriented” concept, for the staff, our company emphasizes the understanding of human nature, sets up the people-centered management, in order to realize Jiulong man’s all-round development as the goal; to understand people, respect people, to liberation people, rely on the people, care about people, cultivate people, rich people. Jiulong tries to achieve everything for all employees.

Focus, rigor, innovation and sharing” are the core values of the long term.Twelve years as a day, no matter how the market changes, Jiulong has never left the animal health industry.During these twelve years, the market fluctuated several times, but Jiulong people were consistent and never gave up.

Rigorous is the work attitude for all Jiulong people.The employees of the company adhere to the spirit of craftsman, grasp the product quality and production details, and strictly implement the process discipline and working discipline.Owning to this, we can standardize the operation and standardize the process, and finally reach the zero defect of the product.
Innovation is the core competitiveness of Jiulong, and our company has always insisted on scientific and technological innovation as the enterprise’s priority development strategy.We will build a new product research and development center, grasp the experiment and development of new products and technologies, and attach importance to technological innovation and new technology research and development.

The coming new age is the age of sharing.Enterprise as a member of society, all the operation result and development, cannot leave the staff’s hard work and efforts, can not leave the customer friendly cooperation and tolerance, can not leave social good business environment and policy support.So we want to share, to achieve our employees and customers, and the process of sharing is also the process of enterprise growth.

Reliable veterinary APIs smart experts-Jiulong, to hold the “achieve employees and customers, devoted to animal health, to guard the food safety” as a corporate mission, the company and employees are not only common achievement, build partnerships with customers, and will also committed to the health of human and animal, the animal health industry development better.Jiulong has always insisted that “products are moral quality, quality is our life”, and abide by the quality commitment, so that the our Jiulong brand has been widely recognized by the industry and customers.

A company who with excellent culture may survive and develop in the competition market in the future, and its capital is likely to increase continuously and develop continuously.We have faith to believe that with “focus, rigorous, innovative, sharing” long, Jiulong’s development will be better and better in the future!

Post time: Sep-05-2019